<b>Camp and Contradiction in Johnny Guitar</b><br>Jasper Muse

Camp and Contradiction in Johnny Guitar
Jasper Muse

In her “Notes on Camp” (1964), Susan Sontag claims that camp taste “turns its back” on the distinctions of good and bad, instead engaging with an entirely different plane of qualitative standards (note #34). There is a sense of aloofness in this statement. She calls the “good-bad axis” an “ordinary aesthetic judgment,” and by otherizing […]

<b>saudade</b><br>Sarah Harker

Sarah Harker

This film was created for the Advanced Digital Production class in spring 2012. Written, directed and edited by Sarah Harker. Starring Finlay Miller, Miranda Bethune and Bridget Naphen. Zack Hariton, Director of Photography.  Louisa Hawkins, First Assitant Camera. Key Grip/Boom Operator, Max Hooley. Composer/Sound Engineer, Charlie Hildreth. Special thanks to: David Robinson and Stéphanie Larrieux. […]

<b>city/life</b><br>Alison Mayer

Alison Mayer

“city/life” is an experimental animated short illustrating one perspective of what it is like to live in New York City in the summer. Photographs were created with digital and film cameras. Drawings were hand inked and later animated in After Effects. Music graciously supplied by mobygratis.com.

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