<b>“My Name is Legion: For We Are Many”<br>by Impulse</b><br>Caitlin Indermaur

“My Name is Legion: For We Are Many”
by Impulse

Caitlin Indermaur

Music video for Caitlin’s band Impulse, created for Intro to Digital Filmmaking, Fall 2012. From the LP “This Isn’t a Suicide, This is a Rescue.”

<b>Elements of Pastiche in Luck By Chance</b><br>Divya Sasidharan

Elements of Pastiche in Luck By Chance
Divya Sasidharan

The Hindi film Luck by Chance (2009, Zoya Akhtar) self-reflexively presents the masala approach of Bollywood cinema by representing a behind-the-scenes view of the Hindi film industry.  As such, the film is arguably a pastiche. According to Richard Dyer, pastiche is very like that which it imitates, but is not identical to it. Whereas the […]

<b>Delete: Episode 1</b><br>Skye Wingo and<br>Jon McClees

Delete: Episode 1
Skye Wingo and
Jon McClees

At first glance, Jon just seems like a ordinary college student with a few issues socially… until one night changes his life forever.

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